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Is Your Company Chasing a Data Mirage?

I’m excited to announce my first commercially-published book, The Data Mirage: Why Companies Fail to Actually Use Their Data. This book dives deep into why companies don’t always get insights out of their data and what the best companies in the world do differently. You can order your copy through any of the major retailers below.

Learn What the Best Data-Driven Companies Do Differently

People First

The best companies enable all of their employees to work with data and find insights on a daily basis.

Lay the Foundation for AI

AI is changing the world but you need the right foundation before you tackle this new technology.

Become Insight Driven

It’s not about how much data you have but how many insights you’re able to extract. Learn how in this book.

What Readers Are Saying

Amazon Customer

This book provides incredibly useful frameworks and actionable strategies for implementing and using data in your organization. Very easy to read, well organized, lots of good visuals, and structured in such a way that allows you to come back and reference the material when you reach that stage in your data journey to refresh yourself on key questions and steps. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to get a handle on data at their organization.


This book is pure gold. Data is absolutely essential, but it can also be overwhelming. In The Data Mirage, Ruben Ugarte lays out a practical roadmap that includes: deciding which data is necessary, choosing the right tools, managing your data, making sense of data, the people aspect of data, and much more.


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