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Advisory provides you with access to just-in-time advice and a strategic sounding board when you need it by Zoom, phone, email, text, and when mutually convenient, face-to-face.


Training provides your team with strategic ideas, best practices, and cutting-edge tactics. We can do it through keynotes, workshops, and other formats.


Coaching provides you with tangible behavioral help, and we can work on adopting your internal best practices, making rapid decisions, and establishing a culture of growth.


Audits help you diagnose where your team is excelling and where it can get even better. All audits can be done in less than 30 days in-person or virtually.

We had an absolute abundance of data available to us through and we didn't know what to do with it and we didn't know how to turn it from a lot of data into actionable decisions and tangible for us to learn as a business, but also for our customers to learn. Ruben helped us create dashboards for our own business insights but also for our vendors and our users. I'm sure we'll work with you again in the future.

Orrin Benford CTO

Ruben helped us lay the proper foundation for different projects by guiding us on the best practices for making better marketing and product decisions with data.

Richard Chimelis Founder

Ruben helped our engineering team stay focus on the thing we do very well: building a great product. Ruben helped us decide what technology could make our lives easier over the long term, and he helped us make the right decisions during the implementation.

John Rush CTO

Radan Dabetic

Before working with Ruben, we had some data in our admin panel but did not have all the KPIs we wanted and needed. No dashboards, no KPIs, a little bit of Mixpanel, and just our numbers.

Ruben helped us with the planning, strategy, and implementation of our data tools and dashboard. We selected all the tools in a modern data stack and worked on getting everything connected.

We have a much clearer picture of how our product is doing out in the market. So some of the numbers are just more of a confirmation of our feeling, but there are a lot of figures and then KPIs, which are more of a surprise that we didn't know.

Radan Dabetic

Working with Ruben from Practico has been crucial to our business. He started by helping us audit our Google Analytics setup and found critical setup issues that affected our reporting. He then worked with us to sort through our data and helped us create our core reports while avoiding the sampling issue in Google Analytics.

Having him as an expert resource made it easier for our team to understand exactly what our users were doing and how we could present this information to our stakeholders.

Ruben helped us understand the weaknesses in how our team was making decisions using data and prepared a strategy that would allow us to solve these challenges and level up your decision-making capabilities. I would highly recommend Ruben to any company that needs an outside perspective on how to solve critical issues like hiring the right people and selecting the right technology.

Sam Magnant Finance & Strategy

Ruben helped us design a strategy for our company that could help us accomplish our short term goals while laying a solid foundation for the future. Internally, we understood deeply how to make our product better but we lacked expertise in data and effective decision-making.

Gaston Blanchet Head of Growth

Blair Ryan

Ruben always delivered at least as much as expected, but almost always more than expected. I'm not a founder here, but I'm a serial founder my whole life, and those people who do that are the ones you like to need to surround yourself with. So that's where the success comes from. So it's been a great help and a blessing, I'd say, to have you around.

Blair Ryan

Before we got hooked up with Ruben, we had several questions that we were trying to figure out and didn't have complete confidence in the decisions we were making. We need an expert and Ruben was a fantastic partner. We achieved all of what we outlined in the project, and we're very happy with the results.

Hunter Hillegas CTO

A.J. Elliott

I've always brought Ruben in as a great resource whenever I have projects or unique clients with specific funnels requiring more advanced setups.

Everything from setting up at the high level, best practices, project scopes, getting things organized at the high level, and diving into the weeds with developers.

I appreciate having Ruben as a resource, and it's been great working with him over the last few years, and I look forward to the projects in the coming years.

A.J. Elliott

Hiba Ganta

Immediately we saw this significant buy-in from the organization and just consistent usage of the reports we were building. Our clients are happy with the type of insights and answers they're getting from their data.

Overall, happy with the results Ruben provided us with. We loved working with him, and I'm sure we'd love to work with him again. So thank you so much for everything the company has been left with at this point.

Hiba Ganta

Ruben helped us understand how our app (Insights) was performing and how this would affect our redesign efforts. After launching our v2, we were able to see exactly how our users were adopting our new product and the impact of our redesign instead of assuming that something worked or didn't worked. He also served as trusted advisor for our company and always responded quickly to requests or questions.

Saisai Wright Product


Ruben was essential for our implementation of a fully functioning analytics program within our company. Without our own in-house data expert, we could not have set up our analytics program without Practico. They started by helping us to analyze all the metrics we were currently tracking across the company, and what data we wished we were tracking. They then helped us to drill down and determine which metrics were essential for the stage of growth we were at. Finally, they helped us to design an automated system for tracking the data from all the disparate sources that our B to C company was dealing with. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Chris Boas Founder

Before we started working with Ruben, we had struggled to convert our data into actionable decisions. Ruben helped us sort through our priorities, our technology, and our capabilities for our multiple products. Our team is now able to make confident decisions on how to best improve our products for our users.

Paul Greenberg CEO


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