You’re Thinking About the Office All Wrong

The WSJ recently had an article explaining how workers are refusing to come back to the office despite the avalanche of bribes offered by employers. As it turns out, free bagels and drinks aren’t enough to make up for the hours of commute and “wasted” time that some employees will face. Two years of working at home will do that for many people.

I recorded a video for my Youtube channel called Why the Office is Dead, where I talk about how the future of work will play out. Companies are not going back to 5 days a week at the office. Work will never be done the same. Punto.

Instead, you need to think about what work should be done in the office versus anywhere else. The office is fantastic for group activities like brainstorming, debates, and strategy formulation. However, work like implementation, design, coding, and the bulk of communication can be done remotely.

Workers are smart. They have realized that there’s no point in coming back to the office just to sit next to their colleagues while wearing headphones. Companies that reject these trends are simply battling the past. Don’t get caught in these battles and instead think about how to win the future battles.

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