Would You Like for Us to Tip You for Your Order?

They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions. In that case, companies are being forced to innovate as they deal with a historic low unemployment market and a record number of absences due to the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus. In addition, many businesses realize that their “rules” aren’t set in stone and can be amended with minimal disruption to the customer.

There are two examples in the news this week that every business leader needs to consider. First, we have Dominos pizza. Dominos has built a business on the promise to deliver a pizza within 30 minutes of ordering. The only catch is that they need drivers to make these deliveries happen. As they deal with labor shortages, they introduced an option where they will tip the customer if they pick up the pizza themselves.

You can imagine that many people will gladly walk a few minutes to pick up their food and get a cash tip for doing so. This simple change allows Dominos to focus on making pizzas without worrying about not delivering them on time.

The second example comes from the Hilton hotels (and other hotels). They decided that daily housekeeping will now become optional and by request only. This allows them to reduce the overall labor needed to clean the hotel. I would bet that most guests will not notice if their room isn’t cleaned every 24 hours and they still have the option to request a cleaning. You also see some hotels allowing guests to self-check-in using apps.

Innovation doesn’t have to involve years of research and development. Products like the iPhone, self-driving cars, and mRNA vaccines are outlier examples of how innovation looks in the real world. In many cases, innovation efforts look like simple decisions that have a significant impact on how a business is run. Are you looking in the right places?

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