To Make Better Decisions, Forget About the People

Some companies can’t seem to move on from their charismatic leaders. I wrote previously about Starbucks and how it is haunted by the ghost of Howard Schultz, who always seems to come back, just to leave again.

Disney seems to be suffering from the same affliction. Bob Iger is one of the most effective executives in the history of Disney, overseeing the acquisition of Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and 21st Century Fox. There’s no denying his impact. However, his hand-picked successor (Bob Chapek) was fired by the board and he had to come back to the helm and reverse many of his decisions.

Disney shows what happens when companies don’t learn how to make the right decisions and instead, have to rely on the rare talent of individuals. The mark of great leadership is the ability to create a team that can continue growing even if key people depart.

Steve Jobs had a monumental impact on Apple over his entire career but perhaps his greatest achievement was creating an organization that could continue without him. I’m not saying Tim Cook is the perfect replacement for Jobs but he has managed to lead the company without missing a beat.

Great decisions cannot depend on great people because they will eventually leave. It may not matter over the course of a few years but if you’re thinking about the long term, then you need to figure out how to make consistently great decisions as a company. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself haunted by living or dead ghosts.

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