Does Your Team Know The Latest Best Practices When Making Decisions & Strategy?

Level Up Today with a Custom Keynote, Workshop or Webinar.

How Ruben Can Help Your Organization

That was the question that brought an organization to me. They wanted to level up their ability to make decisions rapidly. So I worked with them to design a custom workshop that tackled their most pressing challenges engagingly and enjoyably.

I shared several ideas on making better decisions while mixing case studies, hot seats, and group exercises to ensure the team understood how to implement these ideas in the real world. Then, they used the ideas to drive higher sales and profits and reduce errors. 

I can help your organization through various speaking formats, including keynotes, workshops, and webinars. They can all be delivered in person or virtually. Whether you’re just starting with decisions or have mature decision-making capabilities, you can benefit from a refresher by a decision and data expert.

What You Get

  • Access to best practices from multiple industries and company stages
  • Humorous stories and anecdotes
  • Real-life case studies from the best companies in the world
  • Custom design curriculum for your organization
  • Expertise from a 2x published author

Major Talks

What Ruben In Action

Speaking Demo Reel

In-Person Session (60 Minutes)

Virtual Session (29 Minutes)

In-Person Session (60 Minutes)

What Clients Are Saying


Ruben delivered a fantastic seminar for the Canadian Marketing Association on how marketing teams can get more insights out of their data. Participants were able to leave the session with several actionable ideas and strategies that they could implement rapidly. Ruben delivered this session virtually and was able to engage and interact with all participants!

CMA Canadian Marketing Association

Ruben hosted a webinar with us where he delivered actionable advice, relevant client stories and engaged with our audience. He was able to help our attendees learn how to level up their data efforts and make better decisions with their data. Highly recommend him for any organization that's looking for an expert who's able to break down complex ideas into easily digestible strategies and tactics.

Bhavya Sahni Partner & Alliances Marketing

Ginger Weeden

I am not a data scientist. I'm a marketing professional. I need to know what data is relevant to my business and to the businesses of my clients. That's what they expect. I tend to be overwhelmed by data, but Ruben's approach, distilling down what's important, finding what's relevant and following it accordingly is beautiful. We need people like Ruben to help us understand the data that's most relevant to our businesses. I highly recommend his book, The Daily Mirage. Pick that up. It will be your go-to reference on a daily basis.

Ginger Weeden

Ruben Ugarte was instrumental to the success of the 2021 Data Summit
conference, produced by Information Today, Inc.’s DBTA unit. He not
only gave an excellent talk on building a data-driven culture that
drives results, which was full of useful and practical information
about technology, skills, and expectations that contribute to the
success of companies, but he also served as moderator for the entire
day of the Modern Data Architecture track, keeping speakers on track
and asking them interesting and perceptive questions in the Q&A
portion of the sessions. We deeply appreciate Ruben’s contributions to
the conference and applaud his expertise around making data actionable.

Marydee Ojala

Make Better Decisions