Data & Decision (D&D) Training

Is Your Team Consistently Making The Right Decisions?

Level Up Through D&D Training

What is Data & Decision (D&D) Training?

The best teams can quickly sort through the complexity and use data to inform their decisions. A VP of Product came to me looking for help improving his team’s ability to make decisions. They were responsible for developing multiple software products and were interested in better ways of deciding what to build.

I developed a training curriculum that was delivered over a few weeks. The training focused on tangible skills and relevant case studies from their company. The product team reviewed previous decisions and identified patterns that led to mistakes or missed opportunities. The training structure made it easier for the product team to bring their learnings back into their jobs instead of leaving it behind in the classroom.

D&D Training will help your team develop their decision-making and data abilities. Whether your team is new or experienced, you can benefit from working with data and decision expert.

Why It Matters

Everything your team does can be boiled down to decisions. Their ability to make the right ones and use data to inform them will determine your overall effectiveness.

How It Works

D&D Training is custom designed for each team. You can choose from a ½ day, full day, or multiple training days. For each option, here’s the plan we will follow:

  1. Jointly create behavioral goals that you would like your team to improve on. Examples include faster decision-making, better relationship with data, or learning to involve others in decisions.
  2. I will design a custom curriculum that can help you achieve those behavioral goals.
  3. We will explore post-training actions to ensure that knowledge is internalized.

What You Get

  • Quickly make progress on critical behavioral skills related to decisions and data
  • Receive honest and actionable feedback on your team’s abilities
  • Gain accountability 
  • Receive access to exclusive resources and templates 
  • Prepare for important situations or events
  • Access just-in-time advice and guidance

Level Up Your Team’s Decision-Making