Data & Decision (D&D) Coaching

Are You Consistently Making The Right Decisions?

Level Up Through 90 Days of D&D Coaching

What is the Data & Decision (D&D) Coaching?

The best executives can quickly sort through the complexity and use data to inform their decisions. A CMO came to me to improve the quality of her decisions. She was responsible for millions of dollars in budget and the overall marketing strategy for the company and knew the importance of getting crucial decisions right. She also wanted to train her direct reports on better decision-making processes to reduce her need to intervene in non-strategic decisions. 

I worked with her for ninety days towards specific and measurable behavioral goals. We role-played through situations, dove deep into the mechanics of decisions, and prepared for upcoming challenges. The coaching provided the right advice at the right moment. As a result, the CMO improved her ability to deal with strategic decisions and learned how to give more ownership to her team on other decisions. 

D&D Coaching will help you level up your decision-making and data abilities. Whether you’re new in your role or a veteran executive, you can benefit from working with a data and decision expert.

Why It Matters

As an executive, you’re paid to make the big decisions. Investing in improving this skill will translate to everything you do in your work and career.

How It Works

D&D Coaching takes place over 90 days. Here’s the plan we will follow.

  1. Jointly create behavioral goals that you would like to improve on. Examples include faster decision-making, better relationship with data, or learning to involve others in decisions.
  2. We will then meet weekly to work through questions and hot seats and prepare for any upcoming situations you may be facing. 
  3. We can talk over email or Slack outside of our regular calls, and we can meet if emergencies surface.
  4. After every 30 days, we will check in on our current progress and update our plan moving forward. 

What You Get

  • Quickly make progress on critical behavioral skills related to decisions and data
  • Receive honest and actionable feedback on your abilities
  • Gain accountability 
  • Receive access to exclusive resources and templates 
  • Prepare for important situations or events
  • Access just-in-time advice and guidance

Level Up Your Decision-Making