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Case Studies

Breaking down how I have helped clients across different industries.

B2C Marketplace: Understand Product Usage Including Onboarding and Retention

The Situation

A private fast-growing marketplace company needed data to understand who their best users were across their web, iOS and Android apps. They needed to improve the onboarding experience for new users and to increase user retention for existing users.

The Intervention

Practico met with the founders of the company to prepare an analytics strategy that would provide their entire team with the data they need to measure the impact of their work. Practico then helped them properly implement Google Analytics and Mixpanel to track the customer journey from signup to retention.

The implementation included coaching on proper data collection practices to ensure data accuracy, something the client had struggled with in the past. Finally, Practico trained all major stakeholders on how to properly use the tools implemented and how to analyze the data for relevant insights.

The Results

The company has successfully adopted data by implementing a company-wide Slack channel where anyone can request a report or get their data questions answered. This makes data easily accessible to everyone even if they aren’t experts in Mixpanel or Google Analytics.

They are now able to dig into random spikes of activity and quickly diagnose what happened.

Finally, they were able to start segmenting their users by key attributes or behaviours to better understand retention.

B2B SaaS: Optimize Marketing Dollars, Campaigns & Channels

The Situation

A $10M Series A SaaS company wanted to know exactly what marketing campaigns were working and where they should focus their resources. They had access to high-level numbers such as total demos booked but didn’t have enough data to answer specific questions like “which of our blog posts is driving the most demo requests?” or “what pages do our users view before booking a demo?”.

The Intervention

Practico met with the marketing team to determine what questions they needed to answer and what existing data was available. Practico then helped them improve their implementation of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics which weren’t being used to their full potential.

Finally, Practico provided company-wide training sessions to the entire marketing team and offered ad hoc analysis support around the creation and interpretation of their data over the following months.

The Results

The marketing team has successfully adopted the data and every team member is now able to generate the reports they need without having to go through a data analyst.

They are now able to see which blog posts were leading to conversions and what call to actions are most effective within those blog posts. They are also able to determine what channels should get more resources and which ones should get less.

Finally, they are now able to dig deeper into the specific user behaviors that drive conversions for their product.

Consumer Language Learning App: Data Strategy & Maximizing Engineering Resources

The Situation

A mobile consumer company was coming off a successful million-dollar crowdfunding campaign and was getting ready to release their mobile apps on iOS and Android. However, they didn’t have any data to understand how their customers were going to use these apps.

The Intervention

Ruben met with the growth and engineering to understand their technical stack and what data they will need over the next 12 months. He put together a strategy that would lay the foundation for the fast growth this company was expecting while still being able to handle their short term needs.

Ruben also helped their engineering teamwork through the technical implementation issues and coached them on how to properly maintain their data infrastructure.

The Results

The client was able to successfully launch their apps publicly and transition from their crowdfunding backers into public customers. They can easily understand what is going on with their product and how their key metrics are changing from month to month.

Their engineering team saved hundreds of hours by properly setting up a foundation that makes it easy to share data between tools. This also allows its growth team to get the answers they need without relying on engineering resources.

Financial App: Data Adoption & Building Symbolic Customer Segments

The Situation

An established payment provider had recently launched a new product as part of its growing suite of offerings. However, they weren’t seeing the kind of product adoption that they were hoping for and didn’t have the necessary data to solve or even understand this problem.

The Intervention

Ruben worked with the Product, Marketing and Engineering teams to understand what their initial data looked like, what were the current assumptions around how to improve the product and what reports do they need to start designing engagement campaigns.

He helped them solve technical issues in their data, train them on how to use their self-serve tools and coached them on how to properly maintain their data infrastructure.

The Results

The client was able to validate their assumptions which helped them to redesign their entire interface. They were also able to start quickly designing campaigns to engage their users and best of all, automate these campaigns so they could run without their input.

They were also able to tie their “Symbolic Customer Segments” to behavioral data to properly understand and communicate with their customers. These are incredibly helpful segments that describe the behaviors of an entire group in 1-2 words.

Finally, this team was able to prove the value of data to the rest of the company and is a critical first step in changing the overall culture of their company.

Government: COVID-19 Dashboard & KPIs

The Situation

A governmental tourism agency needed help summarizing their rapidly changing data during the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizing this data would make it easier for their stakeholders to understand how to adjust their businesses.

The Intervention

Ruben helped them sort through 20+ different data sources and assigned the correct priority. He also helped them design a process to capture, clean, and store this data to allow for quick updates. Finally, he provided basic training on how to maintain this system on their own.

The Results

The client was able to launch a dashboard that helped their internal team understand how things were changing during the pandemic. This saved them the time of having to check multiple sources and missing major updates. This dashboard and project also served as a foundation for ongoing support to their local community in 2021 and beyond.

Training: Building Trust into Data & Reports

The Situation

A training company had a wealth of data, but they weren't able to trust the numbers. This prevented them from using these numbers to make decisions or even to find actionable insights.

The Intervention

Ruben helped them audit the data, track down discrepancies, and worked with them to understand why certain numbers looked off. In a few short weeks, the entire data set was accurate and working as expected.

The Results

The company was able to use its dashboards and reports in one of its upcoming launches. They knew that they had accurate numbers and were able to properly gauge the impact of this product launch.


How You Could
Use Your Data

These are some examples as to how my clients have used data to drive tangible business outcomes.


Ecommerce Attribution of Paid Spending

An ecommerce client was able to quickly ramp up their paid spending on Facebook to generate over $1 million per month after setting up proper attribution on Google Analytics.

Successfully Launch a V2 Redesign

A B2B client used product data to redesign their product and launch a V2. Their entire team knew exactly the performance of their redesign and how users were engaging post launch.


Save Over 120 Engineering Hours

A mobile consumer company was able to save over 120 hours of engineering time by setting up the proper analytics foundation for their product and marketing data.


Ruben from Practico Analytics is quite simply a Mixpanel Guru and Analytics wiz. Extremely professional, very knowledgeable, and just amazingly helpful guy who will ensure you get your Mixpanel and Segment (or any other tool) tracking configured the right way, as trust me, it's so easy to make mistakes and put your data in a bad format.

Simon Turner Growth Manager

Working with Ruben from Practico has been crucial to our business. He started by helping us audit our Google Analytics setup and found critical setup issues that affected our reporting. He then worked with us to sort through our data and helped us create our core reports while avoiding the sampling issue in Google Analytics.

Having him as an expert resource made it easier for our team to understand exactly what our users were doing and how we could present this information to our stakeholders.

Practico Analytics has helped us lay the proper analytics foundation for different projects by guiding us on the best practices of implementing tools like Segment, Mixpanel and Google Analytics. This foundation ensures that we are tracking the right metrics and are able to access the data that we need to make marketing and product decisions.

Richard Chimelis Founder

Before we got hooked up with Ruben, we had several questions that we were trying to figure out and didn't have complete confidence in the data we were seeing. We need an expert and Ruben was a fantastic partner. We were able to achieve all of what we outlined in the project, and we're very, very happy with the results.

Hunter Hillegas CTO

We had an absolute abundance of data available to us through and we didn't know what to do with it and we didn't know how to turn it from a lot of data into something really useful and tangible for us to learn as a business, but also for our customers to learn. Ruben helped us create dashboards for our own business insights but also for our vendors and our users. I'm sure we'll work with you again in the future.

Orrin Benford CTO


Practico Analytics was essential for our implementation of a fully functioning analytics program within our company. Without our own in-house data expert, we could not have set up our analytics program without Practico. They started by helping us to analyze all the metrics we were currently tracking across the company, and what data we wished we were tracking. They then helped us to drill down and determine which metrics were essential for the stage of growth we were at. Finally, they helped us to design an automated system for tracking the data from all the disparate sources that our B to C company was dealing with. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Chris Boas Founder

Practico helped us design an analytics strategy for our company that could help us accomplish our short term goals while laying a solid foundation for the future. Internally, we understood deeply how to make our product better but we lacked expertise around analytics and how to properly implement tools like and Mixpanel.

Gaston Blanchet Head of Growth

Ruben from Practico Analytics helped us understand the weaknesses in how our team was using data and prepared a strategy that would allow us to solve these challenges and level up your analytics capabilities. I would highly recommend Ruben to any company that needs an outside perspective on how to solve critical issues like hiring the right people and selecting the right tools.

Sam Magnant Finance & Strategy

Practico helped our engineering team stay focus on the thing we do very well: building a great product. They provided guidance on the best tools that would work for us over the long term and helped us understand the technical implications of tools like The Practico team gave me the confidence that we were implementing data in the best way possible and we weren't going to shoot ourselves in the foot in the long run.

John Rush CTO

Ruben helped us understand how our app (Insights) was performing and how this would affect our redesign efforts. After launching our v2, we were able to see exactly how our users were adopting our new product and the impact of our redesign instead of assuming that something worked or didn't worked. He also served as trusted advisor for our company and always responded quickly to requests or questions.

Saisai Wright Product

Before we started working with Practico Analytics, we had tried to implement Mixpanel but struggled to get any useful insights out of the tool. Our team didn't have much analytics experience which is why we reached out to Ruben. Ruben was able to help us create a tracking plan for Mixpanel and which helped us track our users across our web and mobile apps. He also helped our development team properly implement this plan and he provided training on these tools to our management team. Our team is now able to see exactly what our users are doing inside our product.

Paul Greenberg CEO