Are You Making Up Problems?

So much of what goes on in the world isn’t actually a problem. Take AI, everyone’s favorite topic. I see so much angst as to what could happen if AI “takes over” society, whatever that means. Job displacement, economic slowdown and catastrophe.

However, these are predictions, not reality. Even helpful technologies can actually backfire. Look at email, which is arguably a better way to communicate than fax. It was meant to reduce the effort needed to share ideas but it is now preventing people from doing work by overwhelming and preventing them from doing their actual work.

You never heard of “fax zero” or any technique to reduce the amount of faxes you received. There was no guru telling you how to structure your fax setup so you can manage them. 

Email has gone from an innovation to something we dread. Who’s to say that AI will not go the same route? I don’t know but I’m not worry about it.

Let’s not create problems that aren’t real and embrace a little blissful ignorance.

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