My 2021 Predictions: Unprecedented Surge, Crackdown of Big Tech and the Office Rennaisaince

As 2020 comes to an end, it seems like the world is breathing a collective sigh of relief. The pandemic isn’t over but we can see the finish line. This is why this is the perfect time to share my 2021 predictions. Pick the ones relevant to you and figure out how to start building momentum before the year ends.

Significant Increase in Demand During Summer 2021

By the summer of 2021, I think we’ll begin to see a substantial and unprecedented surge in demand. People are tired of lockdowns and of being surrounded by gloomy news. There’s money in the economy and pent up demand. All this spending has to go somewhere, and almost every business will benefit. 

The surge could even make up the 2020 losses for some businesses. Is your business ready for this surge?

Data Privacy Will Continue Its Rampage

Data privacy will continue to be a hot topic for consumers and politicians. As the year ends, we are now seeing historic anti-trust lawsuits against Google and Facebook. You’ll hear data privacy come up often in 2021. 

Apple will remove the IDFA, and I could see Google following suit as they crackdown on trackers and cookies. Have you thought about how to handle these changes?

Bigger Focus on Rapid Decisions Instead of the Right Decisions

COVID-19 showed that it isn’t about making the right decisions but rapid ones. Moving fast gives you options, and it doesn’t take as many resources as you might think. Businesses launched ecommerce stores, take out services, and virtual classes within days instead of months. 

It was just a matter of moving. Is your team thinking about how to continue making rapid decisions in 2021?

The Office Will Have a Renaissance

Remote working sucks for most people. People who love it were already likely doing it, and everyone else was forced into it. I think the office will have a renaissance, and we will hear stories about all the benefits of working in-person. 

Remote work will not go away, and I could see most people adopting flexible styles. Has your company thought about how to shift office space to match changing needs?

Happiness and Gratitude Will Become More Central

For the first time in a long time, the world experience something together. Disasters are usually experienced locally in hurricane-friendly zones or Tornado Alley in the central US. This shared experience will make result in an increase in gratitude and happiness among everyone. 

This doesn’t mean that we will all walk around smiling, but there will be an increase in understanding. Have you thought about your happiness in 2021?

Take some time these holidays to relax. God knows we all need it. Happy holidays and I’ll see you in 2021!

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